September, 2010

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CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This is the interval section for phase 2. Interval training is when you do a period of hard work followed by a period of easy work. Although I do prefer the stationary bike for interval training, I’m going to demonstrate on the treadmill how to properly do interval training workouts in phase 2 of my Turbulence Training workouts. A good time to do your interval workouts is immediately after your strength training session. That way you only have 3 full training days per week. With that being said, after you’ve finished strength training workout “A”, you’ll move into the interval portion for workout “A”. Start by warming up for 5 minutes at a progressive pace and then you are going to go 45 seconds at a hard 8.5-9 intensity level, followed by 90 seconds at an easy 3/10 intensity level. You want to make sure you bring it down to a nice and easy pace during your recovery. This will ensure that you are able to go really hard during the hard portion. That counts as one interval and you will repeat that 5 more times for a total of 6 intervals. For interval workout “B”, you’ll again start with your 5 minute warm-up and then move into 60 seconds of hard work followed by 90 seconds of recovery. This time, however, your hard interval will not be as difficult at it was in interval workout “A”, but still at a pretty good pace that allows you to do 60 seconds of hard work. As a side note, you always want to be able to finish

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CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WORKOUT!! Today you will learn of three basic exercises that will help your abdominal endurance and low back health. These exercises are the plank, the side plank, and the bird dog exercise. Now, I want to be honest and say that these three abdominal exercises are not the most exciting to do. They won’t give you that classic burning sensation in your abs that leaves you feeling like you’ve really worked them hard. However, these three are the safest and probably the most important to do when first starting to work out to prevent you from low back injury. Dr. Stuart McGill, a researcher in Canada, has done extensive research on low back pain and has concluded that individuals who have a lot of endurance in their abdominals tend to have less chance of sustaining an injury to the low back. The great thing about each of these three exercises is because no equipment is required you can do them in your own home. Also, because these are endurance exercises, you can do them every day. So, the first exercise is the Plank. To do this, rest your elbows on a mat, and place your body in a straight line. Brace your abs and try to work up to where you can hold that position for 2-3 minutes straight. If right now, you can only do the plank for 20 seconds, then each day try to add a couple seconds. Alternatively, you can hold for 10 seconds, rest for 1 second and do that 6-7 times. The next exercise is the Side Plank. This time, position

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CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! This is workout C of the TT Bodyweight Cardio program and it is truly cardiovascular exercise done with only bodyweight exercises, so no equipment is necessary. These exercises will help to improve your strength and mobility much better than any regular cardio training could. The Crazy 8 Bodyweight 300 Cardio Circuit encompasses 8 bodyweight exercises in circuit fashion that you are going to go through 3 times. Between the number of repetitions and in the number of seconds held it’s 300 total seconds and repetitions each time you complete a circuit. So start with 60 classic jumping jacks at a nice and fast pace. Go out to the balls of your heels and back in, and be sure that your hands go up above your head and then immediately down into spiderman pushups. A spiderman pushup is a regular pushup and as you go down, your knee comes up to your elbow, alternating sides. Once you get up, you’re going to do walking lunges. Step out and down, walking forward in a straight line, while getting a stretch in the hip flexor region. After you’ve completed your walking lunges, you’re going to go down and do spiderman climbs. To do these, start in the pushup position, and bring your foot up beside your hand or whatever you’re comfortable with given your flexibility. So, if you’re inflexible, then just go half way and work your way up. Always keep your abs braced and your hips low. After the spiderman climbs, place your back

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Pistol squat – bodyweight leg exercise

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! A lot of people wonder how to do the pistol squat, how to improve at it, or just where to even start. So this video is going to take the beginner or intermediate through the stages all the way up to the advanced level. First of all, this exercise is for relatively strong or advanced individuals. If you have never done this exercise before, then you can start by using a bench for support. So, set up with a bench behind you and stand on one leg, placing your other foot as well as both arms out in front. Now, sit back onto the bench and then come right back up. This is one way in which you can practice this exercise. If you’re ready to progress to the more difficult version of the pistol squat, then remove the bench. Again, place your hands and foot out in front of you, sit back as much as possible and then come back up. Be sure to keep your elevated foot off the ground, and do as many repetitions as possible without losing your balance. This is a very difficult bodyweight exercise but excellent for building muscle, burning both fat and calories, and really improving your sports-specific training. Remember to start off where you’re comfortable and work your way up.Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the

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High Intensity Interval Training

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Today we are going to cover High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You’ve probably heard about HIIT a lot these days because it is being used in a lot of programs for fat loss. Smart trainers know that it is much more effective than regular slow, boring cardio, and you actually get results as compared to other cardio workouts where you aren’t seeing any results at all. So HIIT means any type of sprint exercise that lasts from about 0-90 seconds. Anything longer than 2 minutes can get into what is known as aerobic interval training. Therefore, normally you want to sprint for 15, 30 or even 45 seconds, after which time you go down to a very easy period of exercise. That is one of the biggest mistakes most people make when doing interval training. Many people don’t drop the intensity down low enough during the recovery period. For example, if you are going at 10 mph and you only drop down to 8 mph then in effect you’re really still doing cardio and not high intensity interval training. You will not allow you body to sufficiently recover from the sprint portion and so you won’t be able to sprint hard at 10 mph the next time around. So, you want to make sure you are going from hard to easy, or going from a sprint to a walk. It is okay to walk in interval training as this will allow you to work really hard and thus provide you with all the benefits of HIIT. Here is an example of a high intensity interval training

Sep 10

The Evolution of Abs Exercises and Core Workouts

Get your FREE workout here: This video takes you through the evolution of 21st century ab training. You’ll find 6 different ab exercises where the focus isn’t on crunching or spinal flexion, but instead is geared towards providing a core workout that offers stabilization and resistance rotation. Just because these ab exercises aren’t your traditional crunches, doesn’t mean that you won’t get that great ab burning feeling following your workout. These core exercises will still help build 6 pack abs, but in a much safer way that will reduce the incidence of low back pain. The first ab exercise in the evolution of ab training is a simple plank. This exercise needs to be mastered by beginners and those at risk of low back pain. The goal here is to work up to a 90 second to 2 minute hold in the plank position. The next core exercise is the side plank or side bridge. A little more difficult than the regular plank, the trick here is tokeep your body in a straight line and keep those hips raised. Once you’ve mastered those ab exercises, try the plank with your elbows on the stability ball. According to Men’s Health magazine, this exercise works your abs 30% hard than a regular plank. To increase the difficulty of this ab exercise, try moving the ball further away from your body. The fourth ab exercise to work your entire core is the stability ball jackknife. Here, you will place your feet on the stability ball and your hands on the floor or elbows on a

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DIET Vs EXERCISE Episode 2: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT: Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the Turbulence Training Membership site here For daily fat loss workout updates and controversial fat burning tips, visit

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DIET vs EXERCISE Episode 1: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT: First instalment of diet vs. exercise where Craig Ballantyne and Brad Pilon show you how ineffective cardio is and just how dramatic your calorie intake can be without you knowing it. The simple truth is; you can’t out-train a bad diet. Today, in this contest, Craig Ballantyne is going to run on the treadmill on an incline of .5 and a speed of 10.5 mph for 3 minutes, while Brad Pilon eats pizza and drinks soda pop. Brad is going to try to consume as many calories as he can in those 3 minutes, while Craig is going to see how many calories he can burn off in that same amount of time. In 3 minutes, Brad consumed approximately 1000 total calories, while Craig burned only 43 calories. Cardio loses against diet. This just goes to show you, in diet vs. exercise, you can never out train a bad diet. It doesn’t matter how good your program is, if this is your nutrition, you’re not going to lose fat. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the Turbulence Training Membership site here For daily fat loss workout updates and controversial fat burning tips, visit