Is The Higgs Boson Evidence Of God?

There has been a lot of headlines concerning the discovery of what several refer to as “The God Particle”. The Higgs boson is the greatest breakthrough discovery in the area of particle physics, however what does it really signify? People question if this is proof of Gods existence or if perhaps it will have an impact on creation science. It’s important, however, to completely understand what the Higgs boson is.

The Higgs particle, also referred to as the Higgs boson, is classified as an elementary particle. It had been identified on July 4th, 2012. The Higgs particle was initially predicted by the Standard Model theory in science. It was regarded as among the seventeen fundamental particles found in the Standard Model. Its actual physical discovery has confirmed this hypothesis. The other sixteen particles consist of six quarks, 6 leptons, the photon, gluon, W, and Z. The latter elements and Higgs particles are classified as bosons. They’re accountable for all the forces in nature other than the power of gravity. Currently scientists are still uncertain as to how to categorize the law of gravity within the Standard Model.

God Particle
The Higgs boson was regarded as the “God particle” by Leon Lederman a Nobel Laureate and Director Emeritus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. This term is widely disapproved of for the Higgs boson. The reason being that the presence of this particular compound neither acts as evidence of God or disproof. The phrase “God Particle” was just employed one time by Leon Lederman within the title of his book. It is very important point out that no scientist actually refers to the Higgs boson as such, however the term continues to be picked up by the media and as with most issues the media relays, it’s widely inaccurate and inappropriate.

Something from Nothing
Regrettably, due to the media’s hype of the phrase “God particle” there is much debate as well as ignorance regarding the Higgs boson. Ultimately, there is a little bit of support to the name as many see the creation of the world as being something from nothing, or that God produced something from nothing. Consequently, the Higgs boson provides an explanation as something from nothing, however is not an alternative to God and doesn’t show or disprove God.

Why It Matters
Virtually all matters possess mass. However, particles do not contain mass. If this is the case then how do they acquire mass? Enter the Higgs boson, the Standard Model hypothesized the unobserved particle, the Higgs boson, and believed that this undiscovered particle may be the key in gaining mass out of nothing. The idea purported that particles which joined from the Higgs field would gain mass, therefore a massless particle would gain mass. The discovery of the Higgs boson validates the Standard Model theory and leads to many more questions regarding the foundation of the universe. What it really does not do is prove that God exists or doesn’t exist.

In the end, the impact Higgs boson has on creationism is small. Creationists believe that God created everything in this particular world and also the discovery and confirmed presence of this particle only exhibits how genuinely awe-inspiring God’s creation is. Evidence of God does not originate from physicists or technological breakthroughs as well as the Higgs boson doesn’t prove the presence or disprove it. The Higgs boson is just a brilliant breakthrough within the arena of particle science and enables us comprehend our universe much better.

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